Local workgroup

The Local Work Group consitst of landowners in the project area. After the first years we changed starategy and aimed at increasing the number of members in the group, but not to have fixed members, and to have two yearly meetings. One field visit at project sites and one indoor meeting later in the year with presentations and Christmas smorgasbord! From the Local work group/the project landowners we get very useful suggestions and ideas on project planning and measures and dissemination.


Special landowner field visit to discuss sites for the Urban Stormwater Pond in the village of Trönninge in May 2019


Landowner group meeting in December 2018 (after Christmas smorgardsbord)


Field visit with the Landowner group at the newly constructed stream (formerly piped) in 2018.


Field visit with the landowner group in 2017.


Indoor local work group meeting in January 2017.


Indoor landowner meeting 2016


First field visit with landowners in 2016