LIFE-Goodstream hosted Swedish EPA´s annual meeting on wetland ecosystem service research

Last week, we arranged a 2-day meeting with allmost all of Sweden´s wetland researchers, several wetland administrators at the County Boards, and a delegation from the Swedish EPA

It was the annual meeting of SEPA for their special grant on Wetland ecosystem services. Eight projects were granted in 2020, where we run one of them (Wetlands as buffers). It is a very good networking project for LIFE-Goodstream and a large part of our SEPA-financed project is done in LIFE-Goodstream measures givning us valuable data on e.g. water level fluctuations, stream flow, invertebrate communities and pollinators. In total ca 70 persons attended the meeting the 17-18/3 of which ca 25 were on site. The first day we arranged an excursion where we visited the experimental wetland fascility of Halmstad University, and several LIFE-Goodstream sites. It was a very good meeting with good discussions and networking between projects. We also had a LIFE-Goodstream display where we showed materials produced in the project, e.g. reports, papers, wild life camera films.