Goodstream measures are very positive for biodiversity says the dragonflies!

Our monitoring of dragonflies (our indicator organism group) indicates that the constructed wetlands for nutrient retention also function very well to increase biodiversity in the agricultural landscape.

In total 31 species of dragonflies have been recorded in our monitoring of LIFE-Goodstream measures, corresponding to 58 % of all dragonfly species recorded in Sweden and 70 % of species found in Halmstad municipality. The monitoring includes interesting species such as Yellow-spotted Whiteface (Leucorrhinia pectoralis) which is protected by the EU Habitat directive.

The photos are from our monitoring in LIFE-Goodstream, from left to right top row: Four-spotted Chaser, Hairy Hawker, Broad-bodied Chaser, and Large Redeye. Lower row: Common Bluetail (of the color form rufuscens), Common Goldenring and Yellow-spotted Whiteface