New Thesis work involving LIFE-Goodstream published

Today Klara Johansson presented and defended her M.Sc. thesis work at Halmstad University. She investigated knowledge and interest in biodiversity and conservation among sixth graders

From the abstract:

This study aims to investigate the knowledge and interest in biodiversity and conservation among sixth graders. The inquiry was made through a digital survey that was sent out to 44 pupils in total from two different schools in the muncipality of Halmstad. One of the responding classes participated in the project LIFE-Goodstream with a field excursion, inventory of aquatic organisms  discussion about the ecological benefits of artificial wetlands during 2020.

Participants in LIFE-Goodstream did also comment on their experiences of the excursion. From these answers, conclusions about knowledge and interest could be drawn. The students generally found it difficult to define biodiversity and were unsure of the meaning of conservation. Nevertheless, the majority consider it as important and want to know more about conservation biology. The study shows no significant correlation between participation in the field excursion and knowledge or interest. However, the students with more regular outdoor activities tend to appreciate nature more and be more interested in further education.The study indicates a need for more education in biodiversity and more information about feasible measures for conservation. The current curriculum should possibly involve more practical moments and put the education of single concepts in a context, which could create a deeper understanding and a motivation to learn more about how they can act for sustainability.
The thesis (in Swedish) can be found under