New project networking with LIFE-Goodstream

We have started a new and interesting collaboration with Pablo Urrutia Cordero at Lund University, on effects of cyanobacteria and their toxins in constructed wetlands.

Pablo runs a Formas financed project; ”Impacts of toxic cyanobacteria blooms on bees and their pollination services in agroecosystems” and we now plan to collaborate with the field work, regarding cyanobacteria in LIFE-Goodstream measures but also in the constructed wetlands in our other networking projects; ”Wetlands as buffers”. Apart from data on how cyanobacterial toxins affect pollinators in the agricultural landscape it will also give useful information in general on the incidence of toxic cyanobacterial blooms in agricultural water bodies. This can have large practical implications for landowners regarding e.g. use of water for cattle or for irrigation, and will be very good additional data for LIFE-Goodstream regarding ecosystem services (or dis-services) from the measures.