New project granted – LIFE-Goodstream measures will be further investigated

We have been granted a new project by the Swedish EPA where we will investigate how constructed wetlands function as buffers

In the project ”Constructed wetlands as hydrological buffers” we will for the first time get real in situ data on how the constructed wetlands function as buffers during different hydrological flows. We will place 120 water level meters at 120 wetlands in 8 different drainage areas. 20-30 of the meters will be placed in the LIFE-Goodstream stream Trönningeån. We will investigate how wetland characteristics (morphometry, inlet and outlet solutions, vegetation cover etc) influense the hydrological buffer capacity of the wetlands. In the project we will also study how the hydrology affects the biodiversity in the aquatic-terrestrial boundary and its effect on pollinators, particularly during drought situations. We co-operate with researchers from Stockholm University and Lund University. At SU it is hydrologists Jerker Jarsjö and Imenne Åhlen and ecologists Peter Hambäck and David Åhlen. At LU it is ecologist Björn Klatt. The project has just started and will run for 3 years (April 2023).