Monitoring is already done in the stream, and will continue during and after the project. The on-going national sampling program in the stream Trönningeån (by the County Administrative Board) will be used as background data and base for the monitoring and evaluation.

In the main channel and in the two largest tributaries we have in total 6 sites where we take water samples for N and P analyses. Water sampling is done every second week in the main channel and every fourth week in the tributaries. We also have a data logger that measure the water level (pressure) under a bridge every hour.

Red dots: water sampling sites. Violette dot: water level sampling site.


  • Monitoring of the effects of habitat enhancements will be done with surveys according to standardized methods for different organism groups. That will include:
  • Breeding bird surveys
  • Amphibian surveys (special focus on Common and Great crested Newt)
  • Aquatic invertebrate fauna sampling (dragonflies as indicator organisms)
  • Electrofishing (focus on Salmon, Trout, Eel, Sea lamprey and River lamprey)
  • Plant surveys

The surveys will be done in the stream and in the environmental measures along the stream.