International group

The international Reference Group consists of the following members:


The meeting in 2019 was substituted with a visit by Reference group member Flemming Gertz, SEGES and 25 Danish wetland advisors and representatives from the Swedish Agricultural Board and municipality representatives from Latvia. We spent a full day with information exchange and discussions of each others different experiences in working with landowners to decreas eutrophication in the three countries. It was an arrangement by the Interreg project Waterdrive and it was a very good and rewarding meeting for LIFE-Goodstream


The meeting in 2018 took place in Århus Denmark. We spent a day visiting different sites and measures and discussed methods to combate eutrophication and monitoring. The following day we attended the workshop Clearance at Århus University and presented results from LIFE-Goodstream.


Meeting with the International Reference Group in 2017 at the project sites.