Reports and other printed material from the project. Click on the text-links to read more

2023 Article in ”Svensk Botanisk Tidskrift” (Swedens Botanical Society´s magazine) on our new method to use a SUP to survey wetlands (In Swedish)

2023 Guidebook on dragonflies and dragonfly sites in Halmstad, by John Strand (In Swedish)

2023 Report on interview survey on opinions of the walking path (In Swedish)

2023 Thesis work on ”Relation between submerged vegetation and aquatic invertebrates in constructed wetlands” (in Swedish) by Erica Stahre & Nathalie Nilsson

2023. Scientific paper: ”Tradeoffs and synergies in wetland mutyfunctionality: a scaling issue”. Published in Science of the Total Environment.

2022. Thesis work on limnic snails and mussels in Goodstream wetlands and amphibian ponds, by Alexander Ronnedal and Tenn Louise Tegnér (in Swedish)

2022 Constructed wetlands as species island for dragonflies. By John Strand, published in ”Yrfän” (in swedish)

2022. Abstract of presentation at LuWq 2022, Maastricht, The Netherlands, 12-15 September

2022. Abstract of presentation at SIL, Berlin, Germany 7-10 August

2022. Abstract of presentation at ECOO 2022 in SLovenina, 25-30 of June

2022. High school thesis on the dispersal of freswater moluscs in LIFE-Goodstream measures, by Ville Almqvist and Fabian Morén (in Swedish)

2022. High school thesis on the effects of vegetation on aquatic invertebrates in LIFE-Goodstream wetlands, by Simon Löfving (in Swedish)

2022. Thesis work on aquatic invertebrates in the stream Trönningån and its tributaries by Kalle Ström Töttrup and Johannes Glänman (in Swedish)

2022. Scientific paper on Insects and Spiders in Constructed wetlands (in Swedish with English abstract and figure texts)

2022. Popular/laymans article on resultus from our wildlife cameras (Viltkameror avslöjar djurlivet längs en jordbruksbäck), in Hallands natur (in Swedish)

2022. Popular/Laymans article on interesting findings on invertebrates at Goodstream wetlands (Intressanta fynd av småkryp vid anlagda våtmarker), in Hallands Natur (in Swedish)

2022 Fact sheet on mammal observations from wildlife cameras in LIFE-Goodstream (in Swedish)

2021 Fact sheet on dragonflies in LIFE-Goodstream (in Swedish)

2021 Thesis work: What impact does wood type have on solitary bees’ nesting preference around Trönningeån drainage area, Halmstad?, by Maria Holmgren

2021 Thesis work on Effects of bird predation on population dynamics in amphibians, by Lovisa Melander (In Swedish)

2021 Thesis work: Solitary bees and wasps habitat preferences in the Trönningeån drainage areas, by Irina Green

2021 Article in the Swedish dragonfly asociation´s magazine MOSAIK on LIFE-Goodstream and how we use dragonflies as indicator organisms (In Swedish)

2021 Thesis work on school children awarenes of nature conservation and biodiversity and studies on effects of LIFE-Goodstream excursions, by Klara Johansson (In Swedish)

2020 Thesis work on effects of submerged macrophytes on invertebrates, by Johanna Ugander (In Swedish)

2020. Visual documentation of all the measures done so far (August 2020) in LIFE-Goodstream

2020. Interim report on Bird nest box monitoring 2019-2020 (in Swedish)

2020. Thesis work on Odonata species richness and abundance, by Sara Bischoff

2020 Manual for constructing ”nest box packages” for solitary bees (in Swedish)

2020 Preliminary report Biodiversity, first evaluation – LIFE-Goodstream

2020 Abstract at SWS conference in Wageningen, The Netherlands, where Peter will present LIFE-Goodstream in May

2020 Abstract at Ecosummit2020 in Australia where Lisa will present LIFE-Goodstream in June

2019 Thesis work on Amphibians and Otter by Sofia Hedman and Karin Jermer

2019 Nutrient status in Trönningeån (preliminary report in Swedish)

2019, Popular/Laymans article, Landscape hydrology and how LIFE-Goodstream helps restoring aquatic habitats, Hallands Natur (in Swedish)

2019 Internship Report (Nina Schneider) on bidiversity surveys in LIFE-Goodstream

2018, Thesis work (Pontus Dejenfelt) Survey of wetland birds in newly constructed wetlands (in Swedish)

2018, Thesis work (Kristin Lundqvist) Habitat use by waterbirds in wetlands duringwinter and spring – a study of five wetlandsin Halmstad, Sweden

2018 Scientific paper. Buffer Zones – a case study in LIFE-Goodstream

2018, Popular article on LIFE-Goodstream in Hallands Natur (in Swedish)

2017, Thesis work (Irshad Mohamed) Environmental presence of heavy metal contamination

2017, Thesis work (Amanda Modig) A tributarys contribution to nutrient loading of Trönningeån

2017, Roll-up LIFE-Goodstream basic (in Swedsih)

2017, poster LIFE-Goodstream

2017, leaflet IBZ-design and info LIFE-GoodStream

2016, Report (Caroline Karlsson) Aquatic invertebrates before removal of migration barrier (in Swedish)

2016, Report (Mireille Martens) The LIFE-GOODSTREAM project

2016 Thesis work (Joel H, Slobodan W) on diurnal changes in nutrient concentration in Trönningeån (in Swedish)