Reports and other printed material from the project. Click on the text-links to read more

2020 Manual for constructing ”nest box packages” for solitary bees (in Swedish)

2020 Preliminary report Biodiversity, first evaluation – LIFE-Goodstream

2020 Abstract at SWS conference in Wageningen, The Netherlands, where Peter will present LIFE-Goodstream in May

2020 Abstract at Ecosummit2020 in Australia where Lisa will present LIFE-Goodstream in June

2019 Thesis work on Amphibians and Otter by Sofia Hedman and Karin Jermer

2019 Nutrient status in Trönningeån (preliminary report in Swedish)

2019, Popular/Laymans article, Landscape hydrology and how LIFE-Goodstream helps restoring aquatic habitats, Hallands Natur (in Swedish)

2019 Internship Report (Nina Schneider) on bidiversity surveys in LIFE-Goodstream

2018, Thesis work (Pontus Dejenfelt) Survey of wetland birds in newly constructed wetlands (in Swedish)

2018, Thesis work (Kristin Lundqvist) Habitat use by waterbirds in wetlands duringwinter and spring – a study of five wetlandsin Halmstad, Sweden

2018 Scientific paper. Buffer Zones – a case study in LIFE-Goodstream

2018, Popular article on LIFE-Goodstream in Hallands Natur (in Swedish)

2017, Thesis work (Irshad Mohamed) Environmental presence of heavy metal contamination

2017, Thesis work (Amanda Modig) A tributarys contribution to nutrient loading of Trönningeån

2017, Roll-up LIFE-Goodstream basic (in Swedsih)

2017, poster LIFE-Goodstream

2017, leaflet IBZ-design and info LIFE-GoodStream

2016, Report (Caroline Karlsson) Aquatic invertebrates before removal of migration barrier (in Swedish)

2016, Report (Mireille Martens) The LIFE-GOODSTREAM project

2016 Thesis work (Joel H, Slobodan W) on diurnal changes in nutrient concentration in Trönningeån (in Swedish)