Some of our presentations of LIFE-Goodstream, in the field at our Goodstream sites or at indoor meetings

We had a field excursion to LIFE-Goodstream sites for 25 LEVA officers from all over Sweden and representatives from SLU, Greppa Näringen and HaV the 22 of October 2019. We demonstrated our measures (Wetlands IBZs, removal of migration barriers and the ”sloping” of the streamsides) and presented results from our monitoring.

We had an excursion with students from the University of Halmstad in September 2019. It is an international course (Water and Ecology: innovations and applications)

We have presented Goodstream and our work with wetlands for landowners in Steninge and Båstad the 26th and 28th of October 2019 within the LEVAKattegatt-project

Sofia Hedman & Karin Jermer defended their Master Thesis in June 2019. Their work involved investigations on LIFE-Goodstream measures and how the populations of otter and amphibians have respondend. Their thesis can be found under ”Publications”.

A delegation from Utrecht University, the Netherlands visited us in July 2019 and we presented LIFE-Goodstream and visit our sites.

In May 2019 we had a field meeting with landowners, the municipality and SWECO to discuss sites for the urban stormwater pond in the village of Trönninge

John and Lea led an excursion arranged by the Swedish Board of Agriculture to different Goodstream sites in May 2019. The topic was biodiversity of constructed wetlands.

LIFE-Goodstream Project leader John Strand presented the project and general wetland research in a Web seminar arranged by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agenycy in January 2019  

John presented the project at ”Simlångsdalens Naturvårdsförening”, a regional NGO for nature conservation, in January 2019.

We presented LIFE-Goodstream to the Swedish Farmers Association and the Focus on Nutrients adminstrators in November 2018 In December 2018 we presentad our results from our nutrient measurments in Trönningeån to the County Adminsitration responsible for the classification of the stream in the WFD and for the suggested measures to combate Eutrophication. We presented LIFE-Goodstream to the Board of the Rural Economy and Agricultural Society (REAS) in december 2018.

We arranged a bus excursion for landowners to different LIFE-Goodstream sites in October 2018.

We presented LIFE-Goodstream at the CLEARANCE-workshop in Århus, Denmark in September 2018.

John Strand was interviewed in national radio on our work with wetlands in LIFE-Goodstream in September 2018.

Peter and John demonstrated Goodstream to the waterunit of Jönköpings County Administration in the beginning of September 2018.

April 2018. John presented Goodstream at Stjärnarp for  local and regional representatives and members of The Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF)

Today (20 Marsh) we built nest boxes for birds together with the children at Stjärnarps Kindergarten.

Field visit and lecture on LIFE-Goodstream and Integrated Buffer Zones at the international innovation competition for students in Jelgava, Latvia (within the Nutrinflow project) in Marsh 2018.

Linköping Nutrinflow, November 2017

Field visit by Swedish Parliament delegate Kristina Yngwe, 25 Sept 2017.

Field visit Ethiopian delegation, 20 May 2017

SemiAquatic LIFE, Ravlunda, June 2017

Slagelse Denmark expertconference, May 2017

Presentation Bohuskustens waterboard Jan 2017

Polen, Lisa presentig Goodstream, October 2016

Field Presentation for personell at Hushållningssällskapet Halland and Växa Sverige, 11 oct 2016.

Fylleå river waterboard field presentation 5 October 2016

Presentation at UC4 LIFE konference, September 2016

Swedish Wetland Foundation field visit in September 2016.

Field visit by Municipality Council Carl-fredrik Graaf 10 august 2016

Hjärndagen, Eldsberga. August 2016.

Visit by Bill Mitsch and others in May 2016.

Poster plattform meeting Manchester, May 2016

Kiel Univ.+ Schleswig-Holstein, Germany  2016

Field presentation University of Halmstad, students at Ecology & Water

Presentation, poster workshop Kaliningrad 2016