International group

We will at project start contact other relevant EU projects and other relevant stakeholders which we will cooperate with throughout the project. The target audience at international/EU-level consists of relevant EU projects, environmental administrators and relevant EU contacts dealing with environmental and agricultural issues. The concept of LifeGoodStream will be communicated at international seminars, workshops and conferences. Hushållningssällskapet has good international networks with Universities in Denmark and Germany and organizations and authorities from approx 10 EU countries.

The International Reference Group for the LIFE GoodStream project will discuss our results in a more scientific context and also regarding implementation of the GoodStream concept in other EU-countries. Members of the International Reference Group will also help us to widen our network to more countries and contacts as a part of an ongoing dynamic dissemination process we will develop.

This group will meet first time 2017-03-20 and the members are:

LIFE-GoodStream partners, Halmstad, Sweden
Brian Kronwang, Århus University, Denmark
Flemming Gerts, Seges, Århus, Denmark
Tobias Schäfer, Grüne Liga, Berlin, Germany