”Emergency investigation” in LIFE-Goodstream today

We have done studies on invertebrates in the Trönninge ängar Nature reserve with short notice to evaluate an experiment in nature conservation

The County administration was going to test a method to increase the production of invertebrates in a former waste water pond at the Nature reserve Trönninge ängar, by adding organic material (straw) to the ponds. The aim is to in this way increase the food resource for birds. LIFE-Goodstream was contacted and in spite of the short notice we took samples of the invertebrates before the measure to be able to evaluate the effect scientifically. We will take new samples at different time intervals during the year.

Trönninge ängar is one of two Visitor centre we are preparing for field presentation of LIFE-Goodstream and Goodstream measures, so it is fitting that we do studies on effects of biodiversity in the area.