Goodstream survey on PFAS in the news

Our ongoing Goodstream survey on PFAS concentrations in Kistingebäcken has today been published in newspaper, radio and TV.

In december 2020 we took samples of water, sediment and invertebrates along Kistingebäcken from its source at the Kistinge industry area to the mouth in the stream Trönningeån and also sampled in Trönningeån. The results showed very high concentrations in the sediment (up to 16 000 ng/kg dw sediment) and also that the bottom-dwelling organisms have bioaccumulated PFAS into their biomass. This week we have continued the investigation more in detail thanks to funding from Brita and Sven Rahmns Foundation, and will now study how PFAS in the sediment and water affects the species composition and number of individuals. News media are very interested in our results from the Goodstream study and today the regional newspaper Hallandsposten, the regional radio station P4 Halland and Swedish television (Halland) have sent reporters to see our work and interview us. The above photo shows the SVT reporter filming when Björn and Sofia take a sample. The result will be useful both for the scientific comunity and for the landowners in the area as well as for authoroties working with restoration of the area.

The reporter from Swedish television films Sofia and Björn during their work