New networking activity

Last week we hade a online meeting with researchers from the project WetKit ( The project is run by Martyn Futter et al., at SLU (the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences).

At the meeting we planned for a co-operation between WetKit and our ongoing projects, including LIFE-Goodstream, and ”Wetlands as Buffers” (read more at: The projects complement each other very well and we very much look forward to the cooperation, which will hopefully lead to better data collection both quantitatively and qualitatively. We will plan for joint sampling in our CWs (including Goodstream measures) for next year´s sampling campaign. Amongh other things we hope to get answers to the multi-functionality of the CWs, e.g. effect on biodiversity, buffering, greenhous gases, and other ecosystem services. The figure show the type of data we get on the water level fluctuations in the CWs from our project ”Wetlands as buffers”