1. Full-day visit

    Yesterday we had a full-day visit of some 30 people, mainly ”Opplandskonsulenter” from Denmark (local wetland coordinators), and also representatives from the Swedish Board of Agriculture and municipalities in Latvia.

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  2. Project participation

    We are part of a Formas-project led by professor Peter Hambäck at Stockholm university. Our participation in the project is a result of previous networking events in LIFE-Goodstream and Peter and PhD-student David Åhlén are at the moment in Halland for field work and we are planning which wetlands that should be included in the project. We are happy that several of the wetlands constructed in LIFE-Goodstream will be included.

  3. New Masterthesis

    Another Thesis-study has been done in LIFE-Goodstream. The 5th of June Sofia Hedman & Karin Jermer publicly presented and defended their Masterthesis work at the University of Halmstad titled; “The LIFE GoodStream project in Trönninge: current and expected effects on amphibian populations and otter presence”.  A very good and thorough study!

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  • About LIFE GoodStream

    LIFE14 ENV/SE/000047 is being implemented with the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Union

    The project is co-financed by The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management by grant 1:12; Measures for marine and water environment.